Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little beauty. Dash of thought.

When my father first suggested the idea of writing a blog I envisioned a Carrie Bradshaw esque situation. Me, Manolos, witty banter flowing freely from my finger tips. Except, I don't plan to write about sex. I plan to write about something better. Fashion. (I also don't think I will achieve the Manolos ideal either). So really my situation is very little like dear Carries. Apart from my vast love of fashion. Of style.

On pondering creating a blog, I thought I needed a gimmick, the Sartorialist takes pictures of the stylish few wondering the streets of New York, London Tokoyo etc & the fug girls comment on the hideous mistakes made by the rich and stupid.

Then I realised that the best fashion is gimmick-less. Fashion gimmicks rarely work. Well proven by Katy Perry's walk down the Met ball red carpet recently in a glowing gown. Fashion, I believe, should simply be beautiful. So I will take a simplistic approach and try to bring a little beauty, with a dash of thought.

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