Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruby Ruby Ruby.

I have been thinking a little more about what I said in my 'First things first' post. About New Zealand's lack of Boutique shopping. Ruby has been bought to my attention, as just the kind of thing we don't see enough of! I thought I would have a final peek at what they have been up to since I last walked through the doors (not actually that long ago), before the new season comes in.

First off, I have fallen in love with a pair of sheer pink trousers! They are awesome, now I just have to grow another 6 inches or so to actually pull them off!

They also come in a skirt variety, very nice.

I am a huge fan of Ruby and think the clothes and accessories the shop has are totally up my alley, a great range of accessible New Zealand fashion. As I said, it's season change time, and Ruby had a preview of their next line today. A little birdie tells me we should be in for some 60's influences and even a little 'Flintstone' prints. So wait with bated breath to see what will be in all our hands within the next month!

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  1. I adore that grey coat and the peachy skirt! I haven't been to Ruby in the longest time - but i will now - yay!