Sunday, May 16, 2010

First things first.

So first up I want to indulge you all in my latest treat find, Celine Rita. I discovered her through a recent fashion shoot for GF magazine where a gorgeous blue velvet suit was shot.

My little investigation took me to her website filled with beautiful, feminine finds. I really love the use of velvet in her latest collection. It is a great winter fabric that makes me want to cuddle up in a ball of it. Another highlight for me are the high-wasted jeans with turn-ups! Very cute.

Through researching this lovely fashionista I have discovered she is a young and recent graduate from AUT, who has been dubbed "next big thing" (by I think Celine has a great range, bright and well designed that I could personally see myself wearing often.

I also think Celine could fill a good gap in the New Zealand fashion market, the high street boutique. Much like the Topshop in England (and here now too...yay), in my personal opinion, New Zealand is starved of well designed, well priced, fashion shop for the slightly more mass market than the Karens & Kates.

I am off to have a look (probably a try on and even a purchase) at her latest range 'So Dream' in her only Auckland retailer 'Dressing Dolls' in Kingsland.

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