Thursday, May 27, 2010

To bling, or not to bling.

I bumped into a friend of mine the other day, an old high school friend. I have always found him to be quite stylish. Not a fashion follower but a very good dresser.

On this particular day he had a piece of man-jewellery on (just a simple chain around his neck). I found this incredibly distracting. I kept looking at it and giggling, expecting him to bust out some rad T-Pain moves. Maybe it's highly old fashioned of me, but I believe men only look good (in a jewellery sense) wearing a wedding ring. Jewellery suits woman, and in my opinion, not men.

Stolen Girlfriends Club disagrees with me some what, with their own line of unisex jewellery.

I however still find myself prone to jewellery-less men. So blog world, what do you think? Do you like your men blinging?


  1. NO male jewellery!! As cool as Stolen Girlfriend's Club is, I hope it doesn't catch on. Who wants to be exchanging necklaces with their bf?

  2. I find the Eiffel Tower one in particular really effeminate.

  3. As a male, I like the idea of wearing jewelry, and I like looking at it, but I think the actual wearing of it carries a certain amount of emasculation that I'm just not willing to shoulder.

    If I was to sum my thoughts up in a headline, it would be something like...

    Men's jewelry: give it another 100 years. Maybe.