Sunday, May 23, 2010

Team Karen. Usually.

Karen Walker has recently previewed her next collection. Honestly, I'm a bit underwhelmed. Karen Walker is usually my friend. She is usually my sure fire - walk in, fall in love, spend all your pay and eat home brand Rice Pops for the next month - designer.

The Karen walker shops are where I go when I am having a bad day, to brighten me up. I turn to Karen (yes, during the Topshop launch I stared at her like a twi-hard at a Cullen, so we are now officially on first name bases) for some shazam. Some beautifully cut, well fitting incredibly wearable pieces of fashion that scream out in wonderfully bright patterns or kooky lining. Dresses where the skirt pouffes out, just a touch too much. Or when the ruffles on the blouse have just brushed the surface of extreme. And I love it.

We don't pay through the nose to be ignored. We pay to be noticed.

I am not sure I would notice a sad floral dress. Would you? Her Resort line has a floral print that I am keeping fingers and toes crossed is a lot better received in person. It also features a really cool spotty pattern (I have a big soft spot for spots), but in seemingly all the wrong cuts!

Also a strange looking petticoat filled a-line skirt that ends just bellow the knee (so, on me, just before the ankle), not the most flattering.

I have selected a few that I did like the look of for you here, if you wan to scout it yourself and tell me how woefully wrong I am then look here: and report back!

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