Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bloggers looking good in magazines.

One of my all time favourite bloggers, Sandra from 5 inch and up (not as smutty as the name suggests), has featured in this weeks Grazie (UK). Its a great piece on her recent work with Diesel and it looks utterly beautiful. Check it out!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Ruby gift guide.

I am not the biggest fan of christmas shopping guides. They always feel like such a huge marketing ploy. And when they are not busy being a marketing ploy I usually find them hard to relate to anyone I am buying gifts for. This however is a mark of how insanely difficult my friends and family are to buy for. They all seem to fall in the category of "those who have everything, and extremely expensive taste". Unhelpful.
But if you are lucky enough to have a few easy people to buy for, or perhaps a few Ruby-enthusiasts (like myself), check out this great gift guide.

Lookbook Cookbook love.

Right so its a big call, but I think I have just discovered my favorite blog of all time. It combines two of my biggest loves. Food and fashion. Lookbook Cookbook is a vegan recipe blog and each recipe is paired with a sexy model looking right on trend nomming whatever.

The best thing about this blog? Apart (of corse) from the lovely ladies, is that these recipes are great and super simple.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Something old. Something(s) new and nothing blue.

Here is a wee update of the goings on in my wardrobe this season. I have gone a little spot nutty so aswell as a few christmas presents that I totally don't know about, my spot collection grew by one dress the other week (from Dotti). One darn cute dress if I do say so myself.

Also new to me, but not to this world is a green stone beaded necklace that was my grandma's. It has been permanently added to my wrist along with this super cool leather band by Pascoes and a silver bamboo bangle! I am never not wearing these.

Wedges have forever been a friend to me. What with their ubber height and not so ubber pain, I grabbed myself a bargain at glassons and now own the ulimate summery pair of wedges.
To (completely unintentionally) match my wedges I grabbed some cute two-tone singlets from cotton on. I can see these babies being a complete summer staple. When it decides to stop raining that is.

Feeling the need for a little (or maybe hugely over sized) sweater.

Considering yesterday was meant to be the first day of summer here in New Zealand I'm surprised at how increasingly nippy its getting! My new two-tone singlets and wedges are simply not enough layers today. I am thinking tomorrow I will dress a little more like this... I am sure I will look totes normal. Of course.