Monday, September 26, 2011

Karen, don’t shoot me, but I am unimpressed.

Not your collection – don’t get me wrong. I find myself once again entranced by your funky patterns and subtle yet stand out colour choices (how the flip do you do that). But I am unimpressed that we had to wait till New York Fashion week to see you.

I know you are far too important now and New York is the big guns so much like our favourite bloggers, our favourite designers are saying good riddance to little old NZ and hello to the big apple. BUT then you went and showed in Christchurch. Proving you had the time, energy and resources to put a show forward (and you showed in the middle of fashion week showing that you also had a little narcissism). I get that the people who plan/organise/put the show together aren’t your cup of tea. Or many other of our top wigs cup of tea. 

But to you all, what about us?

What about the people who religiously watch each show… either from the front row or from our couches? What about the wee journalists and editors how harp on about your greatness and continue to fight to use your clothes in their magazines?

I know there is more to your decision not to send models down our catwalks. More than a mere blogger like me will ever know. What I do know is, when I walk into a Karen Walker shop I buy your clothes mostly because I love them. But there is a small part of me that really likes the idea of supporting a fellow kiwi. A support I don't feel I get back.
I think by continuously not showing for your New Zealand audience you are slowly (but surely) pushing them away. Making us so excruciatingly aware of our insignificance in the world of fashion and in turn, spending our money with others. 

But then again, maybe you just don’t care.

NYFW honourable mentions.

Ok so NNYFW rapped up a while ago, but here’s a wee look at my fav shows. 

Matthew Willaimson – love this guy, the colours were great and the trousers were impeccable. If I had a bucket of money and could pull off the above blue jumpsuit without looking like someone drowning in fabric, I would be wearing this shiz right now. As I write. 

Oscar De La Renta – I enjoy getting lost in the fun of this collection. Those full skirts, that sneaky bit of midriff, that oh so high waisted paint. Everything I wouldn’t wear, but somehow the escapism fascinates me.

Philip Lim – Slouchy cool at its best. Dammit do I love that peach, it screams spring! Philip Lim has always done some beautifully fitted unfitted looks and is always my go to for style that looks like it would be darn comfy too.

Wes Gordan – Totally wearable, totally what I want to be wearing for summer. That is all.

Karen Walker also rocked my socks, but I will get to her later!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

One hundred percent saturation.

A month or so ago one of the girls at the office returned from a sojourn in Barcelona. Yes, I was a little jealous. Ok, very jealous. Mostly though, because of the incredible clothes she had picked up on her journeys. 
Every day she swans in with something even more fabulous than the last and every day I ask where she got her (insert item of supremely awsome clothing here), hoping the answer isn't "Europe". It always is.
But what strikes me about all these clothes is the colour. So much punch. So much juice. The items literally drip saturation of the cobalt blues and tangerine oranges.
Colours like this have walked straight off every single catwalk in every single fashion week so far. Even here in New Zealand, where black is best the only hints if colour are found in a sea of badly hair died middle aged woman (Ronald McDonald anyone?).
This is my attempt to bring some splashes of colour into my life....

Headband Lovisa, Top Zara, Trousers Country Road, Ring from my Grandmother, Shoes Mi Piaci

Necklace Lovisa, Top Supree, Skirt & Belt Portmans, Shoes Office (UK) Clutch & Ring from my Grandmothers

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LBD required.

 NYFW DKNY - images from NY Times

 NYFW Thankoon - images from NY Times

 NYFW Band of Outsiders - images from NY Times

So I have, unfortunately, come to an age where a little black dress has become very necessary (alas no leather Thankoon ones for little old me). Not just for those stuffy work drinks in which your new red chinos would be scoffed at, but when saying goodbye to those we love.

I am one of three of my closest friends who has lost a grandparent in the last few months.

My grandmother was a true artist who, I often think, introduced me to my love of all things clothes.

Lucky for me she spent a lot of time making things for those around her... When of course she wasn't reading my blog on her iPad (needless to say she was very hip 79 year old). 

I recently found out that the item left unfinished on her sewing table was a rather smart laptop case intended for me, and my ever present computer. Lined in what else - mustard.

Ever on trend and always in my heart.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

MisteR right.

MisteR was a show that completely caught my eye this year at NZFW. It wasn't because it was something I was dying to buy, or even that is was something that I would necessarily wear. But is was something different. Something interesting that I think has a real place in New Zealand.

I have always thought that the men of New Zealand get a bit of a raw deal. I mean sure, there is definitely a surge in nice choices recently, and Crane brothers has always been round. But its nice to have variety right? And I think MisteR really offers that. Fun, interesting, exciting and incredibly well tailored variety.

They also have a rather cute (and fairly new) woman's range, with some colourful knit dresses and tartan blazers which wouldn't go a miss in my winter wardrobe.

Having Colin Mathura-Jeffree on their side and a standing ovation from their first fashion weeks show, these guys are ones to keep your eyes on.

all images from NZ Herald

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cutting the mustard.

Today has been a little slow on the uptake NZFW wise.... the best show was by far MisteR and I am gathering my resources to hit you all with a big one on that... but the gusto has definitely slowed down.

Which is good for those of us who need to re-group and sift through the hundreds of images and opinions to make some sort of sense out of it all and post a rad and sensible post (aka me).

But one thing I do want to point out is a trend that I am rather loving. Mustard. It featured prominently in bunch of shows this year, my favourite is the use of it in Juliette Hogan, Ruby and Ingrid Starnes. It is a really beautiful colour that seems to be subtle and shout at the same time - a real trick.

Here are a couple of the things I have already added to my mustard love list (yes I have one of those).

Juliette Hogan - photo by Brigette Baker of RagPony

Ingrid Starnes - photo by Katherine Lowe of

Ruby - photo by Katherine Lowe of

Another thing to note, if you are quick enough, there is a gorgeous mustard jumper (not unlike the Ruby pic above) in Dotti at the moment. Its a great great great way to get a trend and rock it without splashing huge amounts of cash. I wish I even had the wee-est amount to grab it myself!