Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lets look at a lookbook.

As I said before, Ruby has previewed their new line (in shops July). Summer is officially here, in fashion. So lets have a look.

I'm not in love, although I am sure when I get into the shop and run my fingers along the rack (much to my mothers dismay), I will succumb and buy a lot of it.

Pieces of note are the cute white knit jumper, black dress with cut out sides, spotty dress, the entire outfit of skinny jeans and the shoes!

Some of the patterns coming through remind me of Chloe's last season.

The spots remind me of Karen Walkers coming season…but done better!

I will however be in line to purchase those shoes as soon as they grace the shelves; I completely adore them (again, mother will not be pleased).

I don't often find a good high-heeled summer shoe, they are usually a bit to hot and sticky for a summer day, or, they are the jandal with heel. That was grim day in fashion.

What do you think? Does it bring the smell of summer?

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