Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alexa Love.

I have professed my deep love for Alexa Chung on this blog before, and usually I would only put you wonderful people through a slightly lesbian rant once. But Alexa just looked so damn amazing at the British Fashion Awards the other night I can't help but indulge myself again.
First thing first, those shoes are awesome. There is simply no other word for shoes that have little cat faces on them. I actually picked these out on one of my fantasy "if only I could afford to buy these" net-a-porter shops. I am clearly just as stylish as Alexa. Clearly. The understated yet sparkly 60's inspired Christopher Kane dress and with hair with attitude (and sweet bangs) looks amazing.
Of course it goes without saying that Alexa took away the British Style Icon award for the night, second year running!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rubbish bag skirt.

Unfortunately for me, the man in my life doesn't like fashion much. He diligently half listens as I rattle on about the goings on in my world of clothes, but only because every time he zones out, I prod him.
One thing he did hear however was when I announced my deep love for "paper-bag waists". To any normal/interested in fashion fellow this would seem like a perfectly logical, even agreeable, comment. Not to him. Oh no. He practically wet himself laughing, and now, whenever I go anywhere wearing a paper-bag waist, he declares loudly "oh look, you're in your RUBBISH BAG pants".
Hopefully you will all appreciate this trend more as in my opinion it is stunning, fun and perfect for every season. But I would say that, since I just dropped a large wad of cash on this baby.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I want this t-shirt... oh and your lovely votes.

Hey there you super people who take time out of your days to read tis blog. I am lucky enough to be in the finals for NZ's best blog!! How crazy is that? I am in incredible company so I suggest everyone goes and checks out all the finalist for some top notch NZ writing and fashion commentary here.

To vote for your fav (I am pretty sure you can vote for multiple fav's even, if you are not picky) go here. Hopefully that will include this blog as winning would mean so much to me.

Thanks guys, have fun exploring incredible NZ talent, also check out the other catagories... mmmm food.

And... before you go... isn't this tee is rad? Thought so.

Babe and a half.

Here is the absolutely gorgeous Miranda Kerr just 'wigging' out with infamous photographer Terry Richardson. What a combo. What a babe.

Original image from Grazia

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Screw sun hats, I want fake fur.

The problem with fashion is that one is always just that annoying step behind. You see something on the runways that makes you swear you will never buy a single item again if you could just own THAT (insert beautiful item here). But, by the time you can actually purchase it, if its even feasible, you are onto your next lust.

Well this issue is more than exaggerate living in little old New Zealand. I see things I want, no, I need. But not only are they unattainable because they are... not out yet, not available in NZ, cost the size of a house in Remuera but they are also completely inappropriate for summer.

At the moment I would love some leather pants, a pair or Acne ankle boots and a plethora of fur (fake of course). Alas, until a freak snowstorm hits up Auckland in the peak of summer I shall just have to do with living vicariously through these super stylish and beautifully wrapped up women.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Versace is not one of my favourite designers. I have a lot of respect for the designs and enjoy seeing them. They are extreme and shinny and they have your eyes locked on them as they strut down numerous runways. But I would be hard pressed to find something I would actually wear.
H&M on the other hand, is potentially the most wearable stuff created. Its usually fun and fancy free with a nod to seasons trends and an incredible reasonable price tag.
Its a very unusual combo - but one I like.

Last week the look books for the new Versace for H&M hit the internet and I am happily surprised to say I would be happy to wear most of it - overjoyed even. The men seem to get a raw deal (apart from that incredible magenta suit) - its all a bit too outlandish to actually sit in anyones wardrobe. But for the ladies, I love all the gorgeous dresses and the cute stud detailing. I would probably look past the  tropical scene/leopard print slip dress and perhaps some of the more outlandish patterned trousers though.
I think this is an incredible collaboration and it is yet another reason to add to the long list of "depressing reasons why H&M is not in New Zealand".

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Street stylin'

The most inspiring place for fashion has always been the streets. Seeing how people make trends work for them with their personality, body shape and budget is fascinating. Luckily for me, with my arms full of camera equipment, the inspiration was flowing on this sunny spring afternoon in downtown Auckland.

I think I will take a leaf out of Philippa’s book and try the high-low skirt trend this season, or perhaps I could add some colour with bold trousers such as those worn by Michele, Anna and Dasha.

What street style trends are you going to experiment with this summer?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleo's Next Top Stylist.

I recently entered Cleo's Next Top stylist, entries closed this Friday (so fingers crossed I get through to the next round). I just thought I would share with you a shot from the lot I handed in.

This one includes my Mulberry bag that I picked up in my trip to Europe earlier this year, a cute summer Topshop dress and the worlds most uncomfortable heels!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

To flatform or not to flatform?

Its getting hotter here in little old NZ. Summer doesn't feel too far off (except for the snow warnings I just heard for the South Island... they will soon be toasty too I'm sure).  This week I even took my pasty legs out of my jeans for a spin around the sunny block. 
Boy did that feel good! But whilst strutting my stuff I noticed a trend that I am undecided about. Flatforms. 
I have also noticed these cropping up in some of my fav blog reads, Lulu and your mum and WWW.
They are, as the inventive name suggests, a flat platform. Being smaller than a Kardashian, this should be a god sent to me; having all the hight with none of pain.

But every time I spy them all I see are orthopedic shoes!
Do you get my drift? I want so badly to love them. What do you think of this latest trend?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sex on a stick.

How incredible does Kirstin  look in these shoots for the New York times? 
Me thinks pretty damn incredible.

I especially can't get enough of that camel coat from Calvin Klein ($1995 US) paired with the spotted Wolford dress ($545 US). What do I take away from this shoot? Red lippy is amazing and it should get on my lips (and yours) right now. We will all look just like Kirstin - I promise*.

*I don't actually promise that.