Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long short cotton(ey) goodness.

I have recently been pretty much living in this pair of Karen Walker shorts.

They are channeling my love of all things nautical while being long enough to make keep me looking decent and light and cotton(ey) enough to keep me cool. Pretty much the perfect summer short.

I am really loving this summers longer style of shorts; strangely they seem to be more summery than there cheek baring counter parts. With the chance to start wearing them much sooner in the season, the covering up of just a smidgen more of your pasty winter legs and the ability to climb a trees in them.

For some reason the latter is a really huge point for me. Although I have rarely found myself up a tree, it seems like a great summer activity that should not be ruled out by ones clothing choices. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a bum-brushing alternative doesn’t swiftly replace long shorts.

I have recently purchased 2 other amazing summer must haves and will do a post really soon on those!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer chic at its best.

Ok, I actually discovered this lookbook by Lauren Moffatt a week ago and it has just been sitting open on my computer since. I absolutely love it and can’t stop looking at it.

It is just such a great lazy summer outfit. I would happily wear each piece. But I think standout for me would have to be the high waist-ed striped trousers (with the nifty gold zip). How long have I dreamed of owning a pair of these without even realizing it? A very long time it seems.

I think the real trick with this collection has to be the accessorizing. Yes, the individual pieces are amazing. And would look great on most. But paired with those chunky heels, cute socks, great flat hats, sunnies and silk scarfs it is a true winning recipe... get ready for summer chic. And thanks to dear Lauren we now know exactly what to wear with our cotton dresses to make our outfits pop.

This is the first time I have posted pretty much every picture from a collection; I love it that much.

Sidenote: Girls of NZ please note - no denim cut offs in sight and still a great, comfortable, breezy look that will keep you cool without a bit of butt cheek hanging out.

I have cut offs, and wear them. So it is hypocritical to bad mouth them, and I do see a huge place for them in a summer wardrobe. But what I will say, is… for summer there is a huge array of choice, living in a pair of denim cut offs like 50% of the New Zealand population appears to be already doing (including some odd looking men) isn’t always the best option. Especially when they don’t suit all.

Try Mrs Moffatts amazing white red and blue striped shorts instead.

(all images from Lauren's blog)

Summer loving.

Well Ladies and gents, after this long weekend it seems summer is back (maybe just for a fleeting visit – hopefully not).

The weather was truly glorious, I got burnt, had ice creams on the beach and beers in the back garden. Perfect.

And on this glorious weekend this is what I wore.

I really do love summer.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mrs Press, you are beautiful.

This could be the cutest lookbook for spring that I have seen so far! IT is so engaging and just makes me smile (especially on such a hideously rainy Auckland day).

The clothes themselves aren’t what I would usually be found wearing. They live in a fairytale and I personally don’t think they could transcend well into the reality of my wardrobe.

Except the glittery Arlene jacket. And the Stella Shorts. They would sit nicely thanks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Top game Topshop.

Upon recent visit to Auckland’s Topshop I have been left a little uninspired. A usually perfect spot for a quick bit of retail therapy, I’ve been opting for different locations for my regular Sunday peruse. Until these images of “what’s in store now” dropped into my inbox.

Yes please. Looks like a trip is in order.

I am loving the classic shoes. And of course the perfect slouchy trousers.

Might grab a few of these at The Tea Room while I am there too!


Owl Love.

A good friend of mine likes owls. She also likes cats. Well in reality she is a lover of all animals. But she has a soft spot for owls.

And I have a soft spot for her.

So by proxy I have developed a small obsession with owls myself.

It started off with me seeing something owly and thinking to myself “Oh, Tavi would like that”. This soon turned into “Oh how cute”, followed swiftly by “Want. Need. Love”.

It’s a hop skip and a jump you see.

So, through my by-proxy love of all things owl, I have noticed they are quite a feature at the moment.



Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Karen Walker - Hi there

Karen Walker - Hi there

Marc Jacobs