Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spotty Situation.

When in doubt, wear spots (especially when suffering fashion winter woes).

Next Purchase.

These stockings. Or ones very like the (seeing as I can't figure out where the once in this pic come from).

Fashion Wonderland.

I love this editorial. I want to print every page, frame it and hang it on my wall. I also want to visit fashion wonderland and frolic in the sun with Karl, Tom and Jean Paul!

Thank you Vogue US, I for one think you have outdone yourself (and you are usually tip top of your game anyways) with this fun, fabulous and gorgeous editorial spread.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gap Tooth Girl.

Oh how I love you. If you spent a large amount of money removing your gap tooth. Now you should feel stupid. Feel very stupid.

It is big, it is gorgeous, it is the new face of Chanel (Venessa Paradis)

and it is the hottest model of the moment (Georgia Jagger).

Second look.

I am having a little fashion revelation at the moment. A lot of items I scoffed at when they first hit the runways I am now lusting after. I don't like to think that it is because I have been swayed, a fashion victim. But more that these items have been taken from there initial and rawest form, and turned into something a little more, believable, want-able or wear-able.

Such as…

Clogs – At first these shoes seemed clumpy and cumbersome. I found it hard to picture them as anything but a clich├ęd Dutch traditional costume piece. Now I lust. I have visited Topshop many times in the hopes that a pair will magically fit me (I have teeny tiny feet). But no. It also seems that no other shoe shops in NZ have been stocking them yet? Maybe I shall have to wait for spring to set in for this bonafide over seas mania to set in.

Over the knee boots – Initially I couldn’t get the connection with hooker boots out of my mind. Plastic, skin tight, 10 inch heels with matching whip. But now I am officially swayed. Having seen them on friends of mine they are definitely not plastic, hookerish nor come with a whip, but strong, feminine and fab!

Temporary tats – introduced by chanel I was unconvinced. I thought the only way to get temporary tats was free with your bubblegum. I also thought the price tag of $78 (US) seemed a little steep for something that could rub off in the shower. Despite this still being true, I think they have achieved a look of delicate beauty and I would LOVE to find just the right occasion to wear one!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One + Two = Love.

The two best things in the world are typefaces and fashion.

So when the two are combined (especially when they are a complete bargain at $20 from glassons) I am in love.

Blog love.

My latest favorite reads are 5 inch and up and Lulu and your mum.

I am especially loving Lulus T by Alexander shoes

And the sneak peak into Sandra's dream shoe-drobe

Monday, June 14, 2010

Glitter Baby.

I have always thought I would have enjoyed being born in the Disco era. So I am very much enjoying its comeback in some much more stylish/wearable forms.

I want my next purchase to be of the glitter kind, but, dear bloggers, can I really convince myself of its use in my wardrobe?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dr Cleo

Cleo used to be one of those secret affair magazines for me.

I never wanted to admit I would read the mag telling me how to lose 10 pounds while eating chocolate. But I did. And I loved it. Over recent years Cleo has fallen to the waist side as my magazine pocket money has been used up on lots of other 300 dpi delights.

But I have noticed it has recently updated its look. And I love it. Being a die-hard print media queen, the step away from trashy Cosmo style, to the slightly chic Nylon look has made a huge difference. Good move members of Cleo team, it looks like a magazine I would happily leave in my handbag to whip out on the bus.

So the other day, when I awoke at the ungodly hour of 7:30am (on a SATURDAY), to trek to my doctor, I came prepared with this months Cleo. Not only is it looking amazing (I am loving the Pixie Shoot). It has done a ‘designer collaboration’ with Karen Walker, a very interesting look into what Walker thinks are the fashion hits of the season and who are her behind the scenes go to girls.

Definitely grab yourselves a copy this month!

An open letter to Chloe.

Chloe, I have always liked your name. I have often been less then impressed with her clothes (handbags are a different matter – have always fancied a Chloe hanging off my arm).

Chloe, I enjoy your fall season. It could do with a touch less multi coloured knits, and a sprinkle more gorgeously fitting structured dresses. But overall, I am fan.

That is all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Juliette Hogan is my friend.

I wish. If she was, she would give me lots of free clothes and I would be a very happy chappy. Juliette Hogan is actually a very talented designer, and although her latest collection has been out for a while, I got re-drawn to it after a good friend of mine bought a cape of hers. It is beautiful. It looks well made, completely fashion forward, cute and warm. If I didn’t already own one cape, I would probably go hungry for a few months and buy one for myself.

Her collection is effortlessly beautiful and feminine, the perfect place to find a frock for your next do. Or really anything. I am very much looking forward to her next collection.