Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ok so one of the major reasons I have been a slack blogger recently is due to my blogsession (other blogs that is). Being very new to this established world, one of my favourite hobbies is snuggling on my couch, 'Dr Who' blaring in the background, latest shoe purchase on my feet and maybe the odd fun sized Crunchie bar in hand... reading blogs.

I have become a little obsessed. I have an ever-growing rotation of around 20 blogs that I check every day. They have become like my friends.

Some of my all time favourites that I think everyone should look at are:



These are definitely all daily visits for me! I heart each of their individual styles.

All photos from respective blogs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruby want.

This dress is from Ruby A/W collection. I hope it is still in the shop. I now want it more then ever.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A new Sylvester side.

Kate Sylvester usually disappoints me. I am sorry New Zealand, I know she is a prized fashion designer and I respect her achievements and all. But on the whole, she has always been a little… well… dull to me!


So you can imagine my surprise when I flicked through her main summer line only to find that I wanted it. All.

She has made the best easy breezy summer looks that instil excitement about the up and coming summer months (pretty good for me – being a winter girl). I especially love the trousers on offer and the subtle summer layering!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I heart Evie.

I have some pretty amazing friends. One of these talented gorgeous people is Evie, also a blogger (check out her fab blog). She and I have much in common, often spending lunch dates catching up on each other’s latest shopping escapades and shoe collections.

Eve is very inspiring to me. She creates beautiful things, making me tingle with a mix of envy and delight. She has recently started her own Etsy shop thingy, and is selling some really wonderful looking home-wares. I am particularly taken with her 'The Shoot' design.

She is featuring at next weekend Auckland Arts & Crafts fair. So be their or be square (or miss out on some amazing finds of talent and beauty like Eve).

Clearing out my (lookbook) closet.

So at the moment I have lookbooks coming out of my nostrils and I am spending way too much time looking at them and not enough time (slash no time) posting on them. Instead of bombarding you with a load i will update you slowly… but hopefully not quite as slowly as I have been!

Twenty seven names. These ladies have just outdone themselves this season and I would happily own each piece they have created.

Although it is ridiculously similar to their previous collections, I believe it is the perfect casual look for the summer months ahead!

I really like the floaty shirts and easygoing skirts (separate and combo). And of course I am still kicking myself for not picking up a boat tee in their last collection so will be first in line for that!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Topshop A/W lookbook.

I love this time of year, for me it is like Christmas. Well, like a window-shopping Christmas. Unwrapping each designer’s next collection keeps me entertained for hours. Even among all the Chanel, Dior and Miu Miu unveilings, one of my all-time favorites is seeing what delights Topshop has in store for us.

The only down side to this years collection (actually with all years) is the fact that it always seems to be a bunch of clothes I have been hunting for over the past few months. Heavy knits, incredible layers and ear-muffs would have made the past months a lot more bearable, but alas, being on the wrong side of the fashion world leaves us kiwis with little choice!

The pieces I will be adding (hopefully) to my wish list, regardless of an impending kiwi summer are…

A satchel. The clean lines are really fantastic AND functional.

Each and every pair of shoes. I have always had a fetish for Topshop shoes. They always seem impeccably made, strangely comfortable for the towering height, the tip top of fashion and a very reasonable price! What’s not to love?

And some cute tartan skirts.

Also I will probably sneak in some chunky nit jumpers and scarves for next cold season!

I’m loving the represent of the cape – GO CAPES!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oui Madame.

Madame Hawke latest lookbook, to be found in Ruby stores very very soon.

I like the simple lines and slightly oversized cuts coming through. Still not 100% convinced by socks and heels, but I will let it slide. I really like the jeans, but the colours are leaving me a bit… bla… what do you think?