Friday, November 12, 2010

I love you Karen, but this is stupid...

I was sitting at home yesterday innocently flicking through Vogue Australia and sipping on a good cup of tea. I came across a lovely wee Karen Walker add with a beautiful cuff on it. I thought it was nice, I thought it would look pretty rad on a nice sun kissed arm...I thought I had had a tough week and a present could totes ease the pain.

So I got out my old faithful laptop and had a gander at the price. What did I find?

This baby will set you back $16,685.

Now that is stupid Karen.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Its Christmas soon right....

So I have a thing for rings. I'm really not that picky. I like them big. I will also accept small, delicate and perfect. Pretty much any ring.

And especially anything from this amazing collection by New Zealand's own D_Luxe.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Love. Want. Need.

Now that I have blown all my spare change on the beautiful floored skirt by Juliette Hogan my eyes have wandered to their next fixation....

(image and more from refinery 29)

Love. Want. Need.

Alas I can't seem to find a place to buy it Anywhere!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Latest fashion must have.

Now usually for me a fashion “must have” is an item of clothing, maybe a pair of shoes, often a handbag.

But today it is books.

I love to read. But I unfortunately run short of time in my life, so my go-to is often blog posts or magazine articles. A word quickie if you will, to satisfy my urges but fit in with my busy schedule.

Occasionally though I do enjoy the long indulgence of a full blown book. Bath full, wine poured, bubbles high, just these babies and me….

A style guide, by everyone’s fav Elle magazine, and a lookbook – what to wear for every occasion by Nina Garcia.

I am craving to get my hands on both. Nina’s books are always well written and insightful. And, well from what I have seen, Elle’s book looks cute and inspirational inside (check out some pics over here).

I have known a few to poo-poo the likes of fashion books. Saying that all they are is a marketing tool built around getting you to buy shit, unlike the undemanding love of a good fiction.

Although on some levels I agree, I am still a sucker for style guides.

Nina Garcia’s books take prime position on my bookshelf (which is really more of a magazine shelf as it is 92% Vogues). I adore pouring through the pages, learning all there is to know about what the very accomplished Garcia thinks, believes and lives by when it comes to fashion. I take it in, yet I don’t run out to buy each item in her “Top 100”.

So here is my completely uneducated but practiced advice…

“Guides” are just that.

Much like editorials in your favourite mags, these books are like a fantasy visits to fashion fairyland. Enjoy them, indulge in the ideas, but remember to bring yourself back to reality after a while.

These babies (as I so fondly know them) are just what they are called, guides. They are not a selection of rules to put each outfit through before leaving the house. They are ideas and concepts put forward by people (often of some fashion note). Take them as just that and don’t feel enforced to stay between the lines.

Really you should just wear what you love, and what makes you feel amazing.

There is nothing I love more than seeing somebody who knows, loves and appreciates the “rules” of fashion. Then promptly chucks them out of the window.

Why hello there.

Chain store meets designer. Its a fashion fad at the moment. With our favourite H&M being no exception. I here present to you some snaps from the lookbook for Lanvin hearts H&M.

(more images at refinery 29)

I really love the concept of designer collaborations. Yet, I am not sold on this one. I truly love the mens collection. But the woman's is just a bit ruffly and although it has definite potential, I won't be spending any hard earned cash on anything.

What are your thought? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Butter nutter.

My all time favourite nail polish is now stocked at The Department Store.


The colour I am in love with and want at the moment is 'Cheeky Chops' (pictured above), I saw it on a recent trip to Farmers (also stocked there) and thought it was the perfect shade to compliment sun kissed skin!

Go forth and purchase!