Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wallet grabbing excitement.

I am not going to go as far as to say I have been disappointed with this years fashion week - but I haven't seen anything that makes me excited. Until I did.


Oh Ruby I can always count on you to fill me full of excitement and make me grab for my wallet.

This years show was particularly exciting because it was the launch of their new range 'Liam'. This fills a similar role as Madame Hawke did (MH is not being continued), but I think this new launch has given it s freshness and a better understanding of its relationship to Ruby - Ruby's older and slightly more sophisticated sister (with a mans name - as all the coolest woman have).

So here is a look at the stand out for me in the Ruby/Liam show (still loving all this great colour).







all images courtesy of NZHerald

Would kill for Liam.

This is just a super quick update with my stand out favourite thing so far. From Ruby's new line 'Liam' I would kill you all for this suit.


More from this range coming soon!

NZFW Colours my world - Day One.

So NZ fashion week is upon us, and it is in its second crazy day. Full of many Zamboozi-ness and (it seems) a LOT of bright colour. These are the flutter of colour that trickled through day one. Enjoy!

Hailwood - photo NZHerald

Ingrind Starnes - photo NZHerald

COOP - photo

Starfish - photo NZHerald

Andrea Moore- photo NZHerald

Juliette Hogan - photo NZHerald

NB. I have wanted so badly to post all that has been going on recently BUT Orcon has spent the last 5 weeks dicking (excuse my french( us around and we are still sans internet. From my experience I would suggest you stay well away from Orcon, especially at the moment as they have hit some serious hiccups with there latest 'Genius' plan. Hows a blogger meant to survive 5 weeks without internet??? Hows a HUMAN meant to! Ok rant over.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not-so-lazy Sunday.

I have heard a little buzz around the NZ label 'Sunday' recently. So I had a quick visit to their website and I am very impressed. Above are two snaps from the last collection. Fun, easy and casual. What a great little collection- do check out the website for the rest of this collection and Spring/Summer. Sunday is stocked in Wellington (Swonderful) and Dunedin (Salisbury Boutique), unfortunately its not stocked anywhere in Auckland as of yet - but (don't fret) if you flick an email to Sunday they will help you out!

On a very related note, Sunday (or Miriam White - designer) is up for Westpac Young Designer Award. Miriam and two other finalists will showcase their looks live at New Zealand Fashion Week as part of Westpac's Red Collection.

Best of luck Miriam, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I heart Ted.

I feel a bit silly admitting it… But until recently I thought Ted Baker was a bit of a stuffy menswear brand only found in expensive suburbs of London.

I was wrong. It seems I was only right on one point. London. Ted Baker has headed down under and spread his wings to a very beautiful store in Britomart (and a scattering around Australia).

Luckily, I got a little peek (and I shall have a bigger peek tomorrow night at the official opening) earlier this week and it looks to me that this is a sophisticated, elegant, well tailored designer who has some great classics and some fun on trend pieces.

At the moment the below are my all time favourite things in the up and coming campaign.

If I were you I would chuck on a few hundred layers and bare Auckland's snow storm to check out Ted's new store. It's most definitely worth it!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cheap as chips.

With everyone launching their new spring/summer collections and fashion week just around the corner, its been very busy here in my world.

But I took a moment this morning to peruse The Warehouse's latest looks. Although I have recently been really excited about the direction a lot of the cheaper brands are going in (like Glassons and Farmers), I found only a small handful of things that got me looking for my wallet in the vast clothes overload of their catalog. But in saying that, when I found something I liked, I LOVED it!

Having previously been unimpressed with the Saben-Warehouse collaboration, I was this time floored with its awesomeness.

So on that note I present the things that will most definitely find a way into my grasp this season from the place where everyone gets a bargain (and a money back guarantee).

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey you, whats new?

Yesterday I attended the ‘ShopWhat’sNew’ launch. It was a lovely affair with lots of lamingtons and egg sandwiches (nomnomnom). It also had a bit of a long-winded presentation and a cute take home memory stick with faux fur foxtail attached. All the makings of a grand morning.

And it was lovely indeed. The website itself is basically a home for a lot of your favourite fashion retailers to show what they are selling at there respective websites. It is also home for nice fashion articles (written by great kiwi bloggers), personal fashion mood boarding, up to date look books, and it seems much more. When I checked it out earlier today it had a cute article on Lili Sumner (model) that I found rad.

The problem I have however is I am not 100% sure of its use. It is a home perhaps for the latest fashion-ness. And although I like all the individual ideas housed, I am not sure combined that they make a cohesive idea. I just wish so darn much that you could actually “shop” from ‘ShopWhat’sNew’ as apposed to get redirected to another website…. It seems odd.

In saying that, I really want to be proved wrong. I really want to be shown that this mishmash of cool ideas actually does work under one websitey roof. I think however that only time shall tell.

So check it out, and let it sit with you for a while. That is what I will do. Lets keep our fingers crossed eh?