Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey you, whats new?

Yesterday I attended the ‘ShopWhat’sNew’ launch. It was a lovely affair with lots of lamingtons and egg sandwiches (nomnomnom). It also had a bit of a long-winded presentation and a cute take home memory stick with faux fur foxtail attached. All the makings of a grand morning.

And it was lovely indeed. The website itself is basically a home for a lot of your favourite fashion retailers to show what they are selling at there respective websites. It is also home for nice fashion articles (written by great kiwi bloggers), personal fashion mood boarding, up to date look books, and it seems much more. When I checked it out earlier today it had a cute article on Lili Sumner (model) that I found rad.

The problem I have however is I am not 100% sure of its use. It is a home perhaps for the latest fashion-ness. And although I like all the individual ideas housed, I am not sure combined that they make a cohesive idea. I just wish so darn much that you could actually “shop” from ‘ShopWhat’sNew’ as apposed to get redirected to another website…. It seems odd.

In saying that, I really want to be proved wrong. I really want to be shown that this mishmash of cool ideas actually does work under one websitey roof. I think however that only time shall tell.

So check it out, and let it sit with you for a while. That is what I will do. Lets keep our fingers crossed eh?

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