Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Damn me for being quite so slow on the uptake. It seems Alexa's clothing release has blown a fire up most bloggers asses and got them all excited... and I don't blame them.

For those of you who don't know Alexa (smack your wrist), she is the latest face of british style. She has made a name for herself in effortless chic, casual, stomach-achingly cool. There is a very good article on her and her background in the August issue of Australian Vogue. Go forth and read.

Now, back to business. Alexa has created a collection for fashion store Madewell. And, much like Alexa, her clothes seem to be effortlessly chic, wonderfully casual, stomach-achingly cool and quintessentially british.

Now before you man your credit cards and head to the link below, quite a lot of the items have sold out (due to how well priced they are - good going Madewell), but they will be restocking shortly. Goodie.

Below are some of my favorites, if you want to see the entire collection click here.

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