Monday, September 27, 2010


So on-top of all this crazy fashion week fun, there was a fashion weekend to add to the mix!

Having been to both a show during the official week, and the weekend event I noticed a huge shift in attitude towards us punters. The first thing (that I, being both a graphic designer and a fashion lover, found the most anoying oversight of the day) was the programe. A big newspaper style hand out that was given to everyone upon entering. On the front page in lare bright bold colours was a rundown of the shows/important events on during the day.

One would think if anything was incorrect it would be rushed to the printer upon discovering the mistake to be amended. Failing that, a sticker made to put over the top of the incorect information. Failing that a vivid and some poor minimum wage bugger sitting in a dark room writing over the printing error and even failing that, the peole handing it out could warn that the time of the much anticipated PWC New Gen show was actually midday, not 1pm as stated.

This may sound like a small complaint, and it is, but it is things like this, and the fact that the bouncers/herders/security men all had little idea of what was going on and gave conflicting information as to where to wait/sit/stand and that even the first show of the day ran very late all added to the feeling that a shift had happened over night, and that us public were well aware of our lack of importance.

Having said that, everyone was lovely and upbeat and I did make it to all the shows I hoped to see (only missing the first few models down the catwalk of PWC). And each show was well worth the wait.

First up was the Designer Selection Show. This was a great paced show with a really interesting look at present and future collections. It was very entertaining and there was always something to look at. I knew most of the pieces, but still felt like it was something new as it strutted down the runway. A really great way to get a feel for the week that has just been.

The New Gen show was a real crowd pleaser, with cheers erupting as Celine Rita's collection started, and for good reason. I think hers was the best and most cohesive of the lot. It featured many of the big trends of the week, floor length skirts and the new it colour - yellow. The standard of design was really up there and I also liked the look of designer Liz Proverbs for Riddle Me This.

But by far the best show for me that day was Sera Lilly, although I think she sent a few too many looks down the runway, I was excited, often on the edge of my seat and know for sure I will be adding many pieces to my wardrobe in the coming season. Check out her collection below.

So all in all the shows get a big thumbs up from me. The Garage sale seemed really well organised and everyone was super happy to help, but my lack of sleep and low tolerance for fighting crowds meant I personally didn't get much out of it, but I have heard very different reviews from those with a fighting attitude and coffee-fuelled strength on the day.

(all images from nzherald and nzfashion)


  1. Hey Bella,

    Cool that you went to NZFW as well! Were you attending as media? Yea Ruby was the most stand out show for me too, like you said it was very true to them, yet still pushed the boundaries in terms of design.

    Hope you've recovered!

  2. Hey! I didnt manage to make it to all shows that I wanted to, but I did go to a few as media!

    Love your blog btw, great photography!

    Hope you are recovering well too.