Sunday, September 26, 2010

NZFW Weddings.

I was incredibly lucky to attend the very first weddings fashion show ever at NZFW. It started off in typical fashion week style – late. Very late. But once everyone was in (and had gotten over the insane wind that threatened the lives of all in the Westpac tent on that gale force day), I could feel a buzz and huge excitement building for this NZ fashion first.

The show comprised of 8 designers showing a handful of pieces. Most were (obviously) wedding dress designers, but there was representation from Crane Brothers (men’s suits) and Modes showed a cute selection for kids.

My favourite designer was Louise Anderson. She was the only person to give me that real ‘moment’ when I literally couldn’t take my eyes off a dress and religiously watched it walk from one end of the runway to the other and back and forgot that I was in a room full of people.

Other than this dress I found the experience odd. I thought the gowns were impeccable, the music was a beautiful and well chosen accompaniment, yet the idea of watching the typically sullen model, do her hip-thrusting model walk down a runway has little resemblance to the faces/movements of those who will wear the dresses in reality. It seemed oddly misplaced, like seeing Carrie Bradshaw wearing a bra.

Apart from this underlying discomfort, the show was well organised and was a very interesting and beautiful collection of bridal wear.

(all images from nzherald)

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