Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KW shows at NYFW (OMG WTF LOL).

I must say I was pretty sceptical of Karen Walkers latest Spring collection that has just shown in New York. I wasn't so excited by her last collection, and I found very little in store (apart from the always amazing jewellery line) that caught my eye.

Luckily this new collection has some really really great pieces.

I still think Miss Walker has a bit of a pyjama feel to some of her clothes due to the loose fit and high use of patterns...but I do love the choice of pattern/colour and appreciate that not all women would look like a 12 year old lost in a fabric store in these pieces. I unfortunately would. So I will steer clear of these (except for maybe the super cute loose shorts, they look highly fun and summery), and head towards the skirts.

Oh the skirts. Oh every skirt in her collection belongs in my wardrobe. Before seeing these pictures I wasn't completely convinced of the new "it" skirt (the knee to mid calf length) but now, baby I am converted. Get me 10. They look simple, impeccably cut and fitted, while being such a fun and summery colour. Also the belts are such a great compliment to each skirt.

Another piece immediately jumping to the top of my want list is the I heart NY tee. A simple play on a nice classic, in cool colours. What's not to love.

Below are my favourite picks from the recently previewed collection. For the whole thing click here.

P.s. Can I also have each of these shoes in a size 5? Thanks. Yum.

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