Sunday, September 26, 2010

NZFW Hailwood.

Wowsa what a busy week it has been. Fashion week is now over and I have barely scratched the surface of reviews and show recaps for you all!

To start, Hailwood. This was an early show, on the first day of fashion week, and it struck me as something interesting. I really like the way colour was played with, especially in the colour blocking tights (they look really fun). Most of the pieces are really nicely structured and the fabric choice is great. Although I enjoyed looking at the pieces that went down the runway, I wasn’t struck with the overwhelming need to grab my wallet and run to the nearest stockist (as I have for a few other shows). I was an interesting and cohesive collection, but it lacked something. It lacked excitement.

(all images from nzherald)

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