Monday, September 26, 2011

Karen, don’t shoot me, but I am unimpressed.

Not your collection – don’t get me wrong. I find myself once again entranced by your funky patterns and subtle yet stand out colour choices (how the flip do you do that). But I am unimpressed that we had to wait till New York Fashion week to see you.

I know you are far too important now and New York is the big guns so much like our favourite bloggers, our favourite designers are saying good riddance to little old NZ and hello to the big apple. BUT then you went and showed in Christchurch. Proving you had the time, energy and resources to put a show forward (and you showed in the middle of fashion week showing that you also had a little narcissism). I get that the people who plan/organise/put the show together aren’t your cup of tea. Or many other of our top wigs cup of tea. 

But to you all, what about us?

What about the people who religiously watch each show… either from the front row or from our couches? What about the wee journalists and editors how harp on about your greatness and continue to fight to use your clothes in their magazines?

I know there is more to your decision not to send models down our catwalks. More than a mere blogger like me will ever know. What I do know is, when I walk into a Karen Walker shop I buy your clothes mostly because I love them. But there is a small part of me that really likes the idea of supporting a fellow kiwi. A support I don't feel I get back.
I think by continuously not showing for your New Zealand audience you are slowly (but surely) pushing them away. Making us so excruciatingly aware of our insignificance in the world of fashion and in turn, spending our money with others. 

But then again, maybe you just don’t care.

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  1. I've been to Rouche in Christchurch too, its an awkward, tiny store in a mall mainly aimed at rich middle aged women.