Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LBD required.

 NYFW DKNY - images from NY Times

 NYFW Thankoon - images from NY Times

 NYFW Band of Outsiders - images from NY Times

So I have, unfortunately, come to an age where a little black dress has become very necessary (alas no leather Thankoon ones for little old me). Not just for those stuffy work drinks in which your new red chinos would be scoffed at, but when saying goodbye to those we love.

I am one of three of my closest friends who has lost a grandparent in the last few months.

My grandmother was a true artist who, I often think, introduced me to my love of all things clothes.

Lucky for me she spent a lot of time making things for those around her... When of course she wasn't reading my blog on her iPad (needless to say she was very hip 79 year old). 

I recently found out that the item left unfinished on her sewing table was a rather smart laptop case intended for me, and my ever present computer. Lined in what else - mustard.

Ever on trend and always in my heart.

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