Sunday, September 4, 2011

MisteR right.

MisteR was a show that completely caught my eye this year at NZFW. It wasn't because it was something I was dying to buy, or even that is was something that I would necessarily wear. But is was something different. Something interesting that I think has a real place in New Zealand.

I have always thought that the men of New Zealand get a bit of a raw deal. I mean sure, there is definitely a surge in nice choices recently, and Crane brothers has always been round. But its nice to have variety right? And I think MisteR really offers that. Fun, interesting, exciting and incredibly well tailored variety.

They also have a rather cute (and fairly new) woman's range, with some colourful knit dresses and tartan blazers which wouldn't go a miss in my winter wardrobe.

Having Colin Mathura-Jeffree on their side and a standing ovation from their first fashion weeks show, these guys are ones to keep your eyes on.

all images from NZ Herald


  1. i know right!!! Iv got a mister blog post planned soon too!! they were def a NZFW highlight!!! lovely blog btw... xkim

  2. This is a fun collection. I love plaid. Xxxx

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