Saturday, November 5, 2011

To flatform or not to flatform?

Its getting hotter here in little old NZ. Summer doesn't feel too far off (except for the snow warnings I just heard for the South Island... they will soon be toasty too I'm sure).  This week I even took my pasty legs out of my jeans for a spin around the sunny block. 
Boy did that feel good! But whilst strutting my stuff I noticed a trend that I am undecided about. Flatforms. 
I have also noticed these cropping up in some of my fav blog reads, Lulu and your mum and WWW.
They are, as the inventive name suggests, a flat platform. Being smaller than a Kardashian, this should be a god sent to me; having all the hight with none of pain.

But every time I spy them all I see are orthopedic shoes!
Do you get my drift? I want so badly to love them. What do you think of this latest trend?


  1. I don't know, those little black ones in the last photo are adorable.

  2. I'm a flatform fan. The orthopaedic look is why I find them so attractive as prospective footwear :)

    I have Prada knock offs, sorry, inspired by Pradas from and I love the Won Hundred in the mustard. Mi Piaci have the patent black pair. I'd say go for it!

  3. i know how you feel! i really want to like them because they make sense (height without pain, like you said) but then again....sigh. i've been on the fence about those suebee's (the black patent) since march :(