Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Street stylin'

The most inspiring place for fashion has always been the streets. Seeing how people make trends work for them with their personality, body shape and budget is fascinating. Luckily for me, with my arms full of camera equipment, the inspiration was flowing on this sunny spring afternoon in downtown Auckland.

I think I will take a leaf out of Philippa’s book and try the high-low skirt trend this season, or perhaps I could add some colour with bold trousers such as those worn by Michele, Anna and Dasha.

What street style trends are you going to experiment with this summer?


  1. Great photos!! I love them all.


  2. These girls are beautiful! I wish more people dressed up in my town.
    Thank you for the lovely comment!


  3. Wow! You captured some pretty great looks here - I'm so impressed that this was all in one outing! It's almost winter here so I'm envious of all the light layers in these photos...we're bundling up Stateside!


  4. i love the outifts and the energy in the photos! my favorite is the one with the fuschia pants:)