Monday, November 28, 2011

Rubbish bag skirt.

Unfortunately for me, the man in my life doesn't like fashion much. He diligently half listens as I rattle on about the goings on in my world of clothes, but only because every time he zones out, I prod him.
One thing he did hear however was when I announced my deep love for "paper-bag waists". To any normal/interested in fashion fellow this would seem like a perfectly logical, even agreeable, comment. Not to him. Oh no. He practically wet himself laughing, and now, whenever I go anywhere wearing a paper-bag waist, he declares loudly "oh look, you're in your RUBBISH BAG pants".
Hopefully you will all appreciate this trend more as in my opinion it is stunning, fun and perfect for every season. But I would say that, since I just dropped a large wad of cash on this baby.


  1. Great outfit! I love your photos.


  2. Thank you for your super sweet commment honey! Your style is so lovely, really cool blog. Will follow!

  3. I really love that skirt and the way you paired it with that top, it's really very pretty. Such a great colour too, one of my favourites.

  4. i admit that your outfit is simpley beautiful, less is more <3

    Nice blog btw, I'm following you now
    I hope you follow me back!


  5. Haha believe me, my boyfriend doesn't know ANYTHING about fashion. He showed up the other day to pick me up and proudly showed me his "winter layers" other words, a hoodie underneath a jacket. At any rate, he was really proud of himself.

    As for this outfit, I am absolutely obsessed with these waistbands as well, I think they're so chic and yet bohemian at the same time. You look absolutely stunning, love how you styled everything!

    Alexandra xo

  6. love your skirt
    nice look :)

  7. Oh my! this skirt is amazing! but I truly had to laugh out loud reading the comments of your boyfriend!
    The look is simple. This is what I like about it. No need of too much/ too many simplicity is a key here! Very boho, very chic, very comfy (I guess) and yes simple!!!Love it!



  8. You look amazing, disregard what your boyfriend said! xx

  9. Wow! yout outfit is so fresh ans breezy on you!combi of yellow and pastels is adorable!