Thursday, November 24, 2011

Screw sun hats, I want fake fur.

The problem with fashion is that one is always just that annoying step behind. You see something on the runways that makes you swear you will never buy a single item again if you could just own THAT (insert beautiful item here). But, by the time you can actually purchase it, if its even feasible, you are onto your next lust.

Well this issue is more than exaggerate living in little old New Zealand. I see things I want, no, I need. But not only are they unattainable because they are... not out yet, not available in NZ, cost the size of a house in Remuera but they are also completely inappropriate for summer.

At the moment I would love some leather pants, a pair or Acne ankle boots and a plethora of fur (fake of course). Alas, until a freak snowstorm hits up Auckland in the peak of summer I shall just have to do with living vicariously through these super stylish and beautifully wrapped up women.


  1. You know you're nominated in the Concrete Playground Top Bloggers right?

  2. Yes I did know that, thanks Miss Fashion Westie. Up against the greats like Katherine is Awesome and Aych I doubt I will get very far, but i am super excited to have been nominated!

  3. She all are getting a nice looks for wearing a fashionable clothes.Acne ankle boots and much fur.Alas, the summer peak, I'm just the agent by these super stylish, packaged women's lives, until a freak snowstorm in Oakland click.

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  4. Love all of these looks! Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! xoxo

  5. Haha! i totally saw myself in this post: every time I promise: just this last thing, I so need it (obviously not, my walk-in closet has transformed into "try-to-get-in-closet"! And yet I keep on buying and wishing stuff. Tho wishing I guess is a good sign...:)



  6. so inspiring! love second pair ecpecially citron skirt!