Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop, collaborate and listen.

Versace is not one of my favourite designers. I have a lot of respect for the designs and enjoy seeing them. They are extreme and shinny and they have your eyes locked on them as they strut down numerous runways. But I would be hard pressed to find something I would actually wear.
H&M on the other hand, is potentially the most wearable stuff created. Its usually fun and fancy free with a nod to seasons trends and an incredible reasonable price tag.
Its a very unusual combo - but one I like.

Last week the look books for the new Versace for H&M hit the internet and I am happily surprised to say I would be happy to wear most of it - overjoyed even. The men seem to get a raw deal (apart from that incredible magenta suit) - its all a bit too outlandish to actually sit in anyones wardrobe. But for the ladies, I love all the gorgeous dresses and the cute stud detailing. I would probably look past the  tropical scene/leopard print slip dress and perhaps some of the more outlandish patterned trousers though.
I think this is an incredible collaboration and it is yet another reason to add to the long list of "depressing reasons why H&M is not in New Zealand".


  1. I love that dress and those boots too, very excited for this to come out!

  2. I have the same feeling about this collaboration, I respect that everybody is going nuts about it and is going to be sold out, but I would not spend as much money on it nor there's nothing I would actually wear..

  3. this collection has the perfect mix of rock and glamour- very Versace :D
    Love all the colours and graphic print!!
    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  4. love it!! looking forward to seeing this collection in stores in finland! (:

  5. I have to admit, I'm slightly obsessed with the dresses from the collection. I too have never been a huge fan of Versace, but their collaboration is so amazing!

    Loving your blog doll, I'm following. Hope to hear from you soon!


  6. The first two dresses are soooooo good!

    Following you :)

  7. I love the dresses from this collection. But it
    would be so impractical to own anything from Versace. I typically avoid lots of prints and bold colors.

  8. Hi I have seen your work in New Idea and I love your blog!

    I went crazy for H&M when I was travelling last year and I think we NEED it in New Zealand! It's such a shame we don't have it here. Absolutely love that black dress! I have a wee blog too, if you're interested! :-)