Thursday, February 16, 2012

Underage fashion.

At the grand old age of 23 I am starting to feel a bit old. I really hoped to stifle that predetermined realization until at least my 30th birthday. But alas, it has hit me like a tone of chic bricks.
The reason? Because the people I’m turning to for fashion inspiration these past few months all happen to be pint sized, underage and insanely well dressed.
Take Chloë Moretz for example. She has been in some of my favourite movies, has the smarts of someone well beyond her years and always looks incredible (and age appropriate), at 14. At 14 I was still wearing spice girls paraphernalia and every so witty slogan tees. I could have learnt a lot from Miss Moretz, maybe then I wouldn’t feel the need to burn all photos of me pre-uni.

Elle fanning is another little lady (13) who has my fashion sense going weak at the knees.  Dakota’s younger sister has started to steal the limelight and I completely see why. 

So, I will slap on that moisturizer, keep looking to these (and other) demure ladies and feel happy that for the first time in my fashion life I can turn to people are actually my height for style guidance, even if they are half my age.

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  1. Fashion does idolise the young. But us oldies [post-21] can still idolise the youthfulness and incorporate THAT aspect into our style.

    Plus moisturiser, fresh fruit and vege, omega 3, oily fish, no refined carbs,low impact exercise, yoga, pilates, deep breathing, avoiding harsh sun, no smoking and fraxel treatments :)