Monday, February 20, 2012


So it has become a slight tradition for me to take a look at (potentially) New Zealand’s most famous fashion designer’s shows. Even though I haven’t been reporting on New York Fashion week here, I have been keeping a subtle eye on it, so I couldn’t go past a look at Kdub. Of course.
Seemly lacking her usual complete madness, this Autumn/Winter collection was very subdued for a usually outlandish print addicted Walker. She was back with her shoes and accessories, which for me, are becoming stronger and more desirable that the clothes themselves. Having said that, the slightly toned down nature of the show made the looks strutting down the catwalk a lot more wearable.
The acid bright paisley style print brings a retro theme to an otherwise super contemporary looking collection. I am quite a fan of this type of juxtaposition that Walker usually has in her looks, I am glad its still coming through.
My personal favourites were the blue and white ensemble with scarf and clutch accessories, this is something I would 100% wear right now and feel super confident in it. I also liked the coats, Karen always does amazing winter coats and although they are dear, the quality is worth it and the way she bridges the gap between on trend and classics makes each one a staple that I would kill to own.
Over all I like it, I would wear most of it, but it doesn’t get me as super excited as her Spring/Summer collection did.

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