Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Collection 1.

Auckland is a pretty exciting place to be this week. For those of you who haven't heard, it is New Zealand's Fashion Festival. Fast becoming a tradition with a huge following, this event has the groundings of a second fashion week, and the feel, but without the elite-ness. There are clothes galore and it does indeed "showcase exciting and innovative collections from New Zealand’s top designers and retailers", the only downside it the fashion is all things that are either in-store or coming in the next few months, and some things that were seen at New Zealand Fashion Week last year. Still exciting, still an amazing evening of far too many beautiful people in one place and still an event I recommend all people get their butts a long to and check out.
One thing that has been incredible with this years festival has been the hype. This city is alive with fashion and you can't turn your head without getting all excited about it. Check out some of my favourite looks that strutted down Shed 10's catwalk on Monday nights first collection show.

All images by Max Lemesheko for Snapstar Live

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