Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talkin' 'bout Miu Miu. (Miu Miu)

After looking over my previous post I thought about porn.

I thought about shoe porn in relation to normal/people porn. I thought about how they have some common themes. People (I hear) often have a type of porn that they enjoy. For example we have the “barely legal”, “big boobs”, “lesbian” varieties. Or the slightly broader categories like “blonde”, or “brunette” (and a plethora of others).

I think shoes are much the same. Some people are obsessed with Louboutin, others are more of a brogue addict. I myself enjoy perving at anything with a good heel. At the moment, I am partial to a chunky heel or wedge. But it must be toweringly uncomfortable; tiptoe tall or I am uninterested.

So when I was having a gander at Rag Pony today I saw a variety of everything I want in a shoe. Fun, bright, over the top, stand out and chunky. So I present Miu Miu’s latest collection. Yum.

I particularly adore the clog with cats! How could you not look amazingly chic wearing a pair of those? Miu Miu clogs, drainpipe jeans, Hanes white tee with a dash of red lipstick and the ‘do’ of the moment (ballet bun), you would be vogue.

I have now slightly depressed myself wanting this outfit. I best go off and search for more shoes to lift my spirits!

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