Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Second look.

I am having a little fashion revelation at the moment. A lot of items I scoffed at when they first hit the runways I am now lusting after. I don't like to think that it is because I have been swayed, a fashion victim. But more that these items have been taken from there initial and rawest form, and turned into something a little more, believable, want-able or wear-able.

Such as…

Clogs – At first these shoes seemed clumpy and cumbersome. I found it hard to picture them as anything but a clich├ęd Dutch traditional costume piece. Now I lust. I have visited Topshop many times in the hopes that a pair will magically fit me (I have teeny tiny feet). But no. It also seems that no other shoe shops in NZ have been stocking them yet? Maybe I shall have to wait for spring to set in for this bonafide over seas mania to set in.

Over the knee boots – Initially I couldn’t get the connection with hooker boots out of my mind. Plastic, skin tight, 10 inch heels with matching whip. But now I am officially swayed. Having seen them on friends of mine they are definitely not plastic, hookerish nor come with a whip, but strong, feminine and fab!

Temporary tats – introduced by chanel I was unconvinced. I thought the only way to get temporary tats was free with your bubblegum. I also thought the price tag of $78 (US) seemed a little steep for something that could rub off in the shower. Despite this still being true, I think they have achieved a look of delicate beauty and I would LOVE to find just the right occasion to wear one!

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