Monday, June 7, 2010

Ladies who shop.

I have been getting prepared. Catching up on old episodes. Filling the gaps in my vast knowledge of the ladies who shop. In particular, one lady.

My best friend once told me I was just like Carrie Bradshaw. At the time I was elated, thinking that little me could be like the goddess of shoes. How ever, having now watched most episodes of ‘Sex and the City’, it is kind of an insult. Like saying you are shallow, selfish, man obsessed and narcissistic. But this is not why any woman (or gay man) watches this cult classic. It is the fantasy. Much like children who suspend disbelief that Peter Pan can fly, we all watch and tell ourselves that we indeed could live in New York, in a cute apartment, spend thousands of dollars on shoes, clothes and wear pearls to bed on the salary of a once a week column.

So I look forward to Tuesday, when my girls and I have a few drinks, don our heels and head to the cinema, to park our sanity and fall into the world of make believe.

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