Monday, October 10, 2011

How Carrie of me.

New Idea, the New Zealand gossip magazine has recently has changed its editor and is making a huge effort to re-invent itself. With an up haul and design change, a shift in their market to a younger audience and a bigger focus on all things fashion and beauty.
This left a little room in the fashion section for a new column, and low and behold they asked me to write it. So below is the first instalment which was on sale for all of last week (click to enlarge).

In the column on sale this week I talk about the colour Cobalt blue (and how we should all be wearing it) and I was even asked to rate all the celebs in their frocks page - how honored! So, if you are an NZ resident, do check it out, because as well as my pages, the mag is looking great, and who doesn't love a little escapism to the world of celebrity every now and then! 

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