Friday, March 4, 2011

You go Girlfirend.

So, on a lighter note, I ask you my blog friends… Do you ever have so much to do; yet you sit there and do none of it? Just to see quite how high that pile will grow before there is no option. Either, cut and run – starting up a new life in a far away land, preferably somewhere hot and isolated. Or, the option I usually begrudgingly go for, doing what ever it is you have been putting off.

Well, as you can tell, this blog has been one of those things for me recently. I have accumulated SO many amazing finds. I have been lusting after so many beautiful things, there have been so many things have been going on in fashion world that I have spent most of the last month with a wine in hand, SATC blurring in the background and the humming of stress to get everything I so want to share with you beautiful people down on paper. And failing. Clearly.

So finally I have nutted out the mother of all posts…. Or ‘blog-date’ to get you all up to date with everything.

I thought I would start this many part blog-date with a wee look at my favourite editorial of the moment.

Now I am bias – the incredible stylist is a colleague and friend of mine… but NZ most read teen mag Girlfriend has outdone itself this month. With a fashion editorial that seems to fuzz the age gap (although maybe I just have a thing for teen clothes)… and really does capture the key seasons styles coming up.

Take a look and tell me this… Do you remember your teen read of choice at the tender age of 15 being quite so …well… beautiful?

No? Exactly… kudos to the wonderful Miss Lucy Slight. Mad Skills. It is on sale now by the way and I think it’s a great (and often overlooked) fashion tap… def grab a copy to see the full shoot!

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