Monday, March 21, 2011

Snaps for Glassons.

Also going on is a bit of a knit-athon.

So, if you are a bit dab hand with the knitting needles.. get your mitts on some red and black wool and knit a scarf for Christchurch. Drop your 1.5m or more scarf to any Glassons around NZ and they will repackage and sell on your knitted beauty for $25. All money goes to Christchurch (for more info click here). Get involved.

On the note of Glassons, don't we think they have upped their game?

I remember the time when it was the one-stop fleece shop and now I find it more and more inviting. Their latest look book has some serious influence from Topshop. Whatever the reason, I really applaud them. Something this country has always hugely lacked is that chip fashion fix. The local labels are amazing, but are pricey for your average income. Keep up the amazing work Glassons.

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