Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Up and coming.

Not living in England anymore has the serious downside of missing out on all the incredible up and coming high street shops. Primark (although it has been around for a while) is really starting to shine and has even ben referred to as the next Topshop.

(thanks to LLYMLRS for the pictures)

This is Primarks Spring lookbook for 2011 and even though I think it has a long way to go before it truly does bite at Topshops heels, I am highly impressed.

It looks fresh, the notes of 50's prep and 70's cool are really fabulous and 'on trend'. They have channeled some Miu Miu with the colour palette, and a bit of current Prada in the first prints. I really love the mid length skirts (such a flattering, fun and functional look) and the satchels - must haves for everyone! I also love the shoes pictured, although still not sold on the socks and heels (sorry guys). I know it is a huge trend, but to me it just doesn't work, it seems like its trying too hard.

Primark also has their Swimwear and Lingerie looks out too! If in Britian, go forth and support a super little (actually quite large) budding fashion brand.

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  1. these looks are adorable!! i wish there was primark in the US!