Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas gift fail.

So, much like so many others, I have hit a christmas gift wall. I have spent a good few days wondering the streets with a hope to bump into that perfect gift for that certain someone. Alas Christmas is a mere 12 days away and no one person has ben ticked off my list.

Very frustrating.

I wish I could sit here and offer you lovely people some advise on where to go and what is a great gift idea etc. But I can't. So instead I will point you in the direction of one of my new favorite blog-roll reads, Fashion Clique, and tell you to look at there nice - comprehensive gift guide (for him and for her). This blog is Aussie, but everything (if they don't have a branch over here) is available online. I especially rate the male guide!

Enjoy, and good luck!

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