Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shoe Love.

Well my dear friends it has been a long time. Way too long in fact. The days may be getting longer, but my spare time seems to be dwindling. Between Christmas things (already!!), living in two different abodes, excess work and making the most of the incredible sun… my blogging has fallen by the waist side. BUT not any more!

First up on my new diligent blogging regime, a summer conundrum.

This year I have had a challenge. Sandals. I really can’t find a good pair. I need something a tiny bit more than a jandal, but less that just a ballet flat. I have searched high and low and although I am not completely against the gladiator, for me that is a lot of strap for one shoe.

I have discovered my perfect summer sandal. The Hannah sandal, form Ruby.

I keep flicking to the picture during my work day and imagining my cute manicured feet feeling very at home in them. The only problem is the $250 price tag. Although I don’t actually think this is too bad, and I am sure they are very well made… I can’t seem to excuse this expense with Christmas AND Europe coming up.

But my feet are getting quite hot…. And I have quite literally worn a whole through my other sandals…. Oh what to do.

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