Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ok so one of the major reasons I have been a slack blogger recently is due to my blogsession (other blogs that is). Being very new to this established world, one of my favourite hobbies is snuggling on my couch, 'Dr Who' blaring in the background, latest shoe purchase on my feet and maybe the odd fun sized Crunchie bar in hand... reading blogs.

I have become a little obsessed. I have an ever-growing rotation of around 20 blogs that I check every day. They have become like my friends.

Some of my all time favourites that I think everyone should look at are:



These are definitely all daily visits for me! I heart each of their individual styles.

All photos from respective blogs.


  1. Thanks!!!

    I like your blog too.

  2. Thank you for mentioning me on your list! I've entered the Miss Shop Style Off competition, and it would be an absolute dream to win! I'm asking my lovely blog friends/followers to show their support by voting for me :)

    If you could spare a minute, please register here, then click the 'vote for me now' button on my profile page. To validate your vote you also need to click the link in the confirmation email Miss Shop will send you.

    Thanks so much hon x Sushi