Sunday, October 31, 2010

Long short cotton(ey) goodness.

I have recently been pretty much living in this pair of Karen Walker shorts.

They are channeling my love of all things nautical while being long enough to make keep me looking decent and light and cotton(ey) enough to keep me cool. Pretty much the perfect summer short.

I am really loving this summers longer style of shorts; strangely they seem to be more summery than there cheek baring counter parts. With the chance to start wearing them much sooner in the season, the covering up of just a smidgen more of your pasty winter legs and the ability to climb a trees in them.

For some reason the latter is a really huge point for me. Although I have rarely found myself up a tree, it seems like a great summer activity that should not be ruled out by ones clothing choices. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a bum-brushing alternative doesn’t swiftly replace long shorts.

I have recently purchased 2 other amazing summer must haves and will do a post really soon on those!

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