Monday, August 30, 2010

Cutler and who?

Last weekend was pretty boring. Pretty relaxed. I went to a friends for dinner, caught up with another for lunch, did the laundry and read magazines until my eyes hurt. Literally.

So i thought I would get this checked out.

Lo and behold, after an hour of prodding, "read the bottom line" and an unusual yellow die (crisp white shirt - possibly not the best choice), I was informed I did indeed need glasses.

Now I have a wee philosophy about thinks like glasses (and stilettos, sunnies and rings etc etc), make a statement. If you are wearing glasses WEAR GLASSES. My friends have mostly picked up on this hence the rings in the previous post that could easily be used as a weapon if need be.

So I was pretty naturally drawn to a pair of think rimmed black "geek" glasses. I tried on a few shapes and sizes and settled on a pair.
My optician looked at me and said "ahh Cutler and Gross". Not truly understanding I smiled, nodded and went on my way. Intrigued though, I turned to google and found out all I could about Cutler and Gross. Quite frankly I feel kind of silly. They are an icon I had been completely oblivious to!

Starting up a shop a stone's throw from where I was born in London, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross set alight the 70s eye-wear fashion scene, and have continued to ever since. A cult British brand was created. A pocket of fashion, that is unusually originated from supreme quality, rather than garish logo bashing (Cutler and Gross have no label or logo on their glasses and never have). Hand made "classic cool" specs where to be seen on everyone from
(Audrey Hepburn)

(Jarvis Cocker)

and even now a days they feature in fashion magazines


and ads. (Levis)

But where ever they feature, who ever wears them...

these glasses make a statement. They say something. They are not for the timid. Sometimes they seem to shout a little to loud for my liking. But hey, everyones wants to be heard right?

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