Friday, December 2, 2011

Something old. Something(s) new and nothing blue.

Here is a wee update of the goings on in my wardrobe this season. I have gone a little spot nutty so aswell as a few christmas presents that I totally don't know about, my spot collection grew by one dress the other week (from Dotti). One darn cute dress if I do say so myself.

Also new to me, but not to this world is a green stone beaded necklace that was my grandma's. It has been permanently added to my wrist along with this super cool leather band by Pascoes and a silver bamboo bangle! I am never not wearing these.

Wedges have forever been a friend to me. What with their ubber height and not so ubber pain, I grabbed myself a bargain at glassons and now own the ulimate summery pair of wedges.
To (completely unintentionally) match my wedges I grabbed some cute two-tone singlets from cotton on. I can see these babies being a complete summer staple. When it decides to stop raining that is.

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