Monday, May 23, 2011

"As an eight-year-old, I’d wear black PVC trousers to school"

I have a new style crush (to add to my ever growing list of incredibly iconic and inspiring people). Julia Restoin Roitfeld. Unless you live under a rock, or maybe just if you don’t spend all your time stalking the fashion elite (when you should be working/cleaning/moving off your bum) you'll know that her mother is Carine Roitfeld, the incredibly glamorous and beautiful former editor of Paris Vogue.

Julia Studied design in New York (at the infamous Parsons) after growing up in Paris. It wasn’t until Tom Ford cast her in an advertising campaign for his scent Black Orchid (in 2006) that she really blew into the fashion scene. Ford was quoted wanting a ‘personality’ rather than a model for his campaign and has been using Julia in things ever since.

Apart from her obvious beauty and incredible poise, Julia has quite an enchanting and intelligent opinion of the world that she has grown up so feverishly in front of.

“I’m really impressed by the power of the fashion industry. Some people think that clothes are just things that you wear to cover yourself but I’m blown away because clothes to me are a sort of new pop art. Clothes can be either art or design but need a real purpose.”

I very much admire the way Miss Roitfield has come to be her own person in the industry and although one cannot dispute the help having her mother at the helm of one of the most influential magazines to grace fashions stiletto filled world would be, I think we can all say she has developed not only her own (very independent) look. But also is stamping her own mark on the industry. Julia has just finished up working with Mark Fast in her capacity as an art director on his latest diffusion range ‘Faster’.

If you wish to stalk her… I mean *cough * cough* … find out more about her and her devilishly stylish family, my fav Roitfield encyclopaedia is here.

“Aside from the odd trip to Miu Miu or Prada, I’d prefer to go to a sex shop in Pigalle for a miniskirt.”

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